All that glitters

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off and Writing

Blogger suggests I find my niche and write about it. tells me "Don't just blog about anything. Pick a topic you are are passionate about". For now, my complete specialty is going to be turning this into a complete hodgepodge of all things I find and consider interesting. I guess I will just use the writing experience as the way to find my niche, so this is the official start of my journey. Looking forward to when the word vomit actually starts to make sense.
To be completely honest, I am going to spend more time looking into setting up my blog and mind mapping than I actually will writing. Thanks to my stint at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Comm., my words flow freely and my thoughts connect like one of those 'Bing' search engine commercials. I actually spent an embarrasing amount of time just trying to decide what I wanted my background to look like until finally getting warm and cozy and feeling like I was looking at sparkly rain. Let me explain to you how my thought process went, all in about 15 second... "Ooo, like this blog template - black and white - splash of color - too cliche - black and white - ah! too depressing - color - nah - photograph - why would I have this random photograph as the base to my blog - rain - photograph of rain - rain at night - emo - colorful rain - rain at asu - asu - vintage - retro - modern - simple - classic - All that glitters :) "
...Just a peek into my noggin, but what is really going on up there is my excitement to jot down everything that I've seen in other places and wanted to make my own. I'm sure I'll share things I've "stumbled upon" and recipes I've tried (I made a goal for lent that I will try one new recipe every week...miserably failing thus far), outfits of the day - thanks for the inspiration fellow bloggers, people ive talked to and that are so rad I want to share with the world and really anything else I feel appropriate. In order to avoid monotony, I'll throw something new in everytime. For the sake of not being quite sure yet where I want to go with this, here is a picture of my 9 month old nephew Travis, because he is cute and I feel cute babies attract interest. Hey, progress is progress, right?