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Friday, May 4, 2012

Is this real Life?

A few obscure situations have happened to me lately that I would like to post before I forget. Think they will be funny to the outside reader...

Situation 1
[As my co-worker, Barb & I walk into Chipotle on our lunch break, we see a little boy peaking over his bench at us]
Boy: How old are you?
Me: 24, how old are you?
Boy: I'm 5. Can girls marry girls?

Barb & I give each other awkward looks and ponder how to appropriately answer this question.

Barb: Sometimes
Boy: Why only sometimes?
Me: In some states they allow it and in some states they don't
Boy: Do they allow it in this state?
Me: No
Boy: Then why are the two of you together?
Barb/I (simultaneously, flustered): We aren't married/We're friends/We're co-workers/etc.
Boy (Non-chalantly moving on, as if this was a normal conversation): Oh, ok. Are you eating your lunch here? That's my babysitter. I had chicken tacos with tomatoes.

Situation 2
Sometimes I take the bus into the city from Bolingbrook. It is pretty convenient, goes right from Bb to the loop, about as exspensive as the train & closer to my house. More ideal for napping, as they keep the lights off, and there is only 1 stop, as opposed to the train's multiple stops. But that's besides the point...

One morning, as I stepped off the bus to walk to the L, someone called my name. As they approached me, I had no idea who they were, but they were about my age. They continued, "I knew it was you, I'd recognize those legs anywhere."

As I chatted with him, he reminded me that we used to go to CCD (religious education classes) together back in elementary/middle school. Still had no idea who he was. But the moral of the story is, 10-15 years later, my legs still look exactly the same. REALLY?!?!

Situation 3
[This actually happened awhile ago & it was told to me second hand from my bro-in-law, Christ. Convo happened between him and my nephew, Wyatt, who was probably 6 or 7 at the time.]

Wyatt: I know what a sexual house is.
Christ: Uh, ok. What is it?
Wyatt: You know, like when a girl likes a girl, or a boy likes a boy.
Christ: Where did you hear this from?
Wyatt: On the radio with mom...
Christ [so confused, trying to figure out what he was talking about/what reference he heard it from]

Turns out, "sexual house" meant "homosexual" or "Home of sexual", easily morphs into "Sexual House" in Wy's mind. LOL, so good...

Kids say the darndest things... Speaking of kids-Wyatt & Travis welcomed their baby sister Georgia Mae last month. It's about time this family got a girl. I have already started to buy her lots of fun things.
Wyatt & Trav with their new sis
Georgia Mae Mattson
7 lbs., 9 oz. 19.5 in.
Born April 15, 2012



  1. Great post! Love your blog!

  2. Hi Annie! We always keep you and your mom in our thoughts and while not a religious man, it is as close to prayer that I get..we have always considered you and all of Ashley's group of friends growing up as part of our extended family and a huge part of why you all (Ashley included) have grown into such amazing young people! Please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything you need.
    Stay strong, you have a huge support network.

    Love, Steve