All that glitters

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Although it is barely spring, it already feels like summer in AZ. I did manage to romp up to Flagstaff for the day to take my final rides of the season down the slopes. A day of snow surfing was seriously good for the soul - thanks to Amy and Matt for going with me!

I'm starting to think that social networking is going to be a full-time job. Along with blogging, I've given tweeting another try, too (@AnnVerSchave). I stumbled across two of my favorite twinsies blogs and they are some serious inspiration to me on how to make my stuff pretty :) Until I have time to really look into tutoring myself on twitter and blog etiquette, I'm going to keep making mental notes on the pretty, pretty pages I see and admire...aka Kelcy's and Brooke's ~ Get it girls!

Finally, wanted to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday one more time!! She's the epitome of a great mom - always supporting me, trying to help, make me feel better and make my life easier, all while letting me run to the beat of my own drum. I love her sooooo much!


  1. Yayyyy!! I'm so happy you have a blog :))
    And thank you for the super nice words about Brookie's and my blog (haha that's horrible english). <33

    Social networking is totally a full time job haha I'm following you on twitter now :) I just got one like a week and a half ago!

  2. Yayyy!! This made me so happy :))

    P.S. you're little nephew in the post below is soooo darling!! i love him in the last two hats haha