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Friday, April 29, 2011

My Kind of Town

I will admit it. I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blogger. I started off so well. 3 posts in 7 days - that's very respectable, right? Well, I am breaking my slump right here. I have been going through a lot lately, both good and bad, so I am ready to share. I am assuming the next couple of posts over the following days will be a little bit like the word vomit I was talking about before, but I haven't had the time to jot down and manage my thoughts. Now, let's take this back...
A few weekends ago, I was extremely fortunate to be able to visit my good friend Stephanie in Chicago for the weekend. As I mentioned, she is in the middle of planning her upcoming October wedding, so she had me come out so we could catch up and I could immerse myself a little in the wedding plans (plus, I had to start acquiring inside jokes with her fiance, John for my MOH speech - mission accomplished). On day 1, the 3 of us did the food tasting, which, to say the least, was DELICIOUS. The most ridiculous part for me was having my 4 glasses of wine lined in front of me, trying to pretend that I had any idea what I was talking about. As far as vino goes, me=clueless. It all reminds me of communion.

After a girls afternoon at Nordstrom, for Stephanie to get her bridal makeup consultation, strolling through the shoe department and getting caught in the rain (Yes, finally - weather! I've been in AZ too long), John, Stephanie and I had a light dinner and muy delicioso margaritas at Mercadito. We then hit some bars and were delighted to see Becca, one of our friends from high school. The blackhawks were also playing, which was refreshing to see a Chicago team play, while in Chicago, even if they did loose- RIP Blackhawks 2010/2011, see you next season :)

Saturday I was super excited for because I knew we were planning on having a bunch of our girlfriends over to Stephanie's that afternoon/evening. Ashley came first - another one of Stephanie's bridesmaids, and one of my friends from like kindergarten or something. We checked out bridesmaid dresses and decided on one that we were all very happy with :) (Then I got a latte, I was so friggin happy that it was cold enough to have a warm drink. It was like 80 or 90 degrees + from February on in AZ, I swear). Eventually Lizzy came down, just in time to lock her keys in the car - lol. I thought I had enough street cred that I could break into her car, but alas, we needed to call for help.
But the rest of the evening was lovely, aside from Stephanie's "skinny girl margaritas" aka pure alcohol, aka me and Liz effectively tipsy after 1 glass. Becca & some of Stephanie's friends from college and beyond also came over - all awesome to see. We even hit up an adorable pub with new friend and fellow bridesmaid, Natalie, to round off the night. Always nice to hang with friends - old and new :)
 After a very successful weekend with my pals, I got to briefly meet up with my family. My awesome godfather, Uncle Frank announced that he and his girlfriend (ahem, fiance) Jennifer were engaged! AWESOME! One more wedding to add onto my list and another reason to prolong my wedding obsession - can't wait until I get my "Wedding Wednesdays" posts into routine. Fortunately, I also got to see my mommy,brother, sister+family, aunt, uncle and Grandma - Happy 91st birthday to her tomorrow!

Finally!I've previously posted pics of my youngest nephew, Travis, but this time I will give my ode to Travie's brother, and my sisters oldest son, Wyatt. He is soo cool - he does karate, is on a downhill ski team, he's an awesome snowboard companion, and is an ADORABLE actor and model. He's even the state fair corndogs hero - big time, I know! Check him out!



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