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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fairytale Ending

I've been meaning to start doing a Wedding Wednesday edition, so please ignore that it is technically "Thursday" because if I don't start now, I will forget all my weddings thoughts by next Wednesday. I have to admit it – leading up to the royal wedding; I could not have cared less. Yes, I am a wedding-aholic and since I work in special events, I should be interested in the ultimate special event, right? Wrong. I did not partake in the excitement over what dress Kate Middleton would wear or which carriage her and William would ride in. The most interest I had, was on the day they announced their wedding – purely because I really liked Kate’s navy blue wrap dress and Diana’s sapphire engagement ring. There are always those memories you have that no matter how long it has been, it always feels like it just happened yesterday. For me, it is a. Columbine school shooting (morbid, huh?) b. September 11th and c. Princess Diana dying – ever since then, I have been particularly interested by all things Diana (I even have the Princess Diana beanie baby). Anyways... as the wedding grew nearer, I acquired the same excitement I would as the day approached for one of my very own friends to tie the knot. Although I couldn't convince myself to stay up until 1am to watch the coverage, I did set the DVR. The thing I really enjoy about weddings is that love is literally filling the air. The couple is joined by the ones that care about them the most and there is no substitute for the look on the groom's face the first time he sees his bride. Never fail, my tears flow every time a bride walks down the aisle, whether it is a wedding I am attending or Kurt & Finn's parents getting married on Glee. The royal wedding was no exception - I'm sure lots of you have seen it, but these were some of my favorite parts...  
I have a weird thing when it comes to men, if there is a red head in the room – I am all about it. As a result, I have always had a little bit of a thing for Prince Harry. My roommate Amy and I have always had a joke that we were going to become famous for catching Osama Bin Laden and then meet the princes as a result and marry them – she William and I Harry. We always say “roomies for life” because we picture ourselves living as fellow princesses. Seeing Prince Harry and William together at the wedding was so darling. I always think really close families are endearing. They are so chummy together and every time the saluted at the same time on the car ride over to the Abbey, I giggled like a school girl .  
I have never been one for church weddings - stuffy, long, boringggg, but OMG - was Westminster Abbey beau-ti-ful! There were organs for days, tall arches and all sorts of awesomeness. WOW. *lub blub lub blub* 
Can we be real? The queen is a BALLER – rockin that canary yellow like nobody’s business. That is all.

After all the hoopla over “Who’s dress will she wear”, all I have to say is THANK GOD! If that dress had been anything less than fabulous, I would have been the first one to crinkle my nose, but the dress was indeed, all that is fabulous and so much more. I know it has been much exclaimed how glamorous and beautiful Kate was, but I must say it once again. Although I want to make it big and become a princess, I could not be happier with this elegant, graceful, charming woman. She really hit the jackpot - talk about best day ever, becoming both a wife and a princess all in one day :) I'm sure this dress will be remembered for years to come.

Something I never knew until the royal wedding, is that “bridemaids” are more like flower girls for them. Although I could never give up my best girlfriends, the idea of just having my sister and nobody else would definitely cut down on some stress. But does anybody else find it weird that Pippa wore white? Wouldn’t that be tacky in America – talk about trying to upstage the bride, haha. I actually heard in the old days, bridesmaids all wore white to act as "distraction brides". When families would trade livestock and goods in exchange for their eldest daughter, for example, brides were a super hot commodity and people would literally try to steal the wives. The bridesmaids would all dress in white to try and confuse the thieves. Interesting, eh? Anyways, thought it was ADORABLE how Pippa walked down with the little 3 years olds – and her dress really was lovely – whiteness and all.
And finally, my main man riding in the carriage with the little flower girls. Can we say darling? He's so charming. I guess I'll just have to wait for my own fairy tale :)
PS - I hope this piture is real, because it is AWESOME.


  1. love your writing voice, annie! I agree: This wedding was fabuloso. Watching it brought tears to my eyes and made me wish upon a few stars that I, too, would someday, somehow become a princess/bride all in one day. Can't wait for next Wednesday!


  2. p.s. here's my current favorite wedding dress collection. especially Oceania. romantic, romantic, romantic!!