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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright Lights, Bigger City

Night view from the Shedd Aquarium
This blog may very well turn into the adventures of a suburbanite trying to make it in a big city.

I recently landed a job in Chicago and I find myself everyday trying to maneuver my way through the urban jungle. I literally learn something new everyday. Often, I learn it as I've made the wrong decision - got on the wrong L, missed my train, forgot my umbrella. etc. I try and fit in, but I am almost positive I often stick out like a sore thumb - but I am getting beter. I try and make mental notes often, so I can blog about my experiences - I think others would get a nice laugh about the level of unfortunate I am.

Living in the suburbs, I am usually doing the city to subs commute at least once a day via public transportation. Office to home usually takes about 2 hours, depending. It goes: walk 3 blocks, brown line, walk 3 blocks to Union Station, BNSF train to Lisle, bus #825, walk home - all of which is pretty obnoxious. I used to be working for the weekend, now I am simply working to move to the city.
Think I can officially call myself a commuter now that I buy 10-ride passes.
Although I've pretty much got my commute situation down these days, it took me FOREVER to conquer the L.
Day 1: I learned what line to take to get to the loop & that I need to go north on Wells because you can't access Union Station from the South without walking an extra few blocks :(
Day 2: Learned the purple & brown line are basically the same thing.
Day 3: Learned the purple & brown line are basically the same thing, except opposite, when you get to the loop. Purple gets me to Lincoln Park from the city faster, but takes me an extra 15 mins. to get downtown from work.
Day 4: After waiting for the purple line to Lincoln Park, I realize it only runs during rush hour-must take the brown mid-day.
Day 5: Brown line doesn't run after 1:30am, get your drunk ass in a cab.

The most ridiculous part is me trying to actually balance on the L, when all the seats are taken and I am forced to stand. I am forced to hold on for dear life, while everyone else seems to not be bothered. This is the way it feels everyday...
Regardless of all the bumps in the road, I absolutely 100% enjoy the city-especially when I find myself 45 mins. early to an event & can shop on the magnificent mile :) I've also enjoyed how much city-goers work Happy Hours into their lifestyle. Got to meet up with some friends at Zed451, which has fast turned into my favorite restaurant in the city. Got to eat there for free for work too - DELICIOUS!!
Some of my favorite Chi Town ladies, old & new - Trisha, Me, Stephanie, Natalie & Katie
Fondue & Sangria - AMAZING
For all things Chi, I've also found Fuck Yeah CHICAGO - it captures everything I love about the city & so much more. (They introduced me to Saturday AM yoga in Millennium Park!)

Hope I didn't loose everyone - had to catch up!
Until next time... XOXO

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  1. We are soooo excited & happy for you, Anne! Quick funny story: I (Deb) am Chicago - born & raised. So when we had a BIG project going on at the Bank, requiring someone to go to Harris Chgo to do it, some Naperville folks balked at it. Didn't like the city; never even took the train into the city, etc. My boss asked me & I said, "Sure! When do I start?" The commute was a bit long & tiring, but being *in the city* was simply 2nd nature for me, since it was my HOME for over 20 yrs. Hang in there. We know you'll get it all sorted out & learn to ENJOY the experience. Just be smart & stay safe. OK? Your *Godparents,* Deb & John B.