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Friday, October 14, 2011

Weather Runway

Rainy Chi

I am convinced that if I moved to Seattle, I would become a runway model. Anytime it gets a little gloomy out and the umbrellas open up, I cannot help but to stomp my way down Michigan Ave. - it must be the rainboots or something.

I thought I was all alone yesterday on the platform as I waited for my L to come. I had my headphones in and was jammin to "My Humps". Add that to the fact that it was raining, and I clearly couldn't help myself. You would probably think I was practicing my audition for 'Umbrella' with the amount of hip pops and hair flips I was doing.

Awkward? Probably. But what makes it AMAZING is that mid spin, I come to my senses and remember there is a platform directly across from mine, and not only can they see me, but they are basically cheering me on- I don't hear them because my headphones are in.

I thought those moments only happened in movies.

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